Fabric of Life - 30th Anniversary Congress of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association

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Psychodrama in Hungary is very well established – compared to the population it is among the  largest dramatic communities in Europe. Some 1000 people are continuously participating in psychodrama groups. Every year some dozens of new psychodrama trainers get their certificate. Psychodramatists have held more than 1200 groups and participants spent more than 2.5 millions of hours in psychodrama sessions in the last 30 years.


On our 30th Anniversary Congress our main approach is to continue embedding the Hungarian psychodrama into the greater whole, the international psychodrama movement. We are going to invite several of our internationally well-known senior dramatists, hopefully Manuela Maciel, Maurizio Gasseau, Leandra Parrottá, Kostas Leitsos and Judith Teszary will be here and hold workshops. We invite everyone from all over the world to contribute, focusing on the Fabric of Life, the network connecting people outside and inside.


The Fabric of Life title is a result of a long co-creative period in 2018 and our intention is to weave the fabric among psychodramatists and representatives of other methods, between therapists and non-therapists, beginners and wise old ones, Hungarians and others coming from the wider community. We strongly believe that a new identity can only emerge through the dense interactions of professionals and other community members.



registration until 1 June, 2019 via bank transfer



60 EUR


registration after 1 June, 2019 via bank transfer

80 EUR



Ticket paid at the congress for 3 days

95 EUR



only available at the congress

35 EUR



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Call for Conference

Take an active part in our jubilee congress, bring up the issues you are interested in, present your topic, find your genre, weave and be weaved! During the congress you can present, hold a workshop, participate in round table discussions, or find your own genre that is the most suitable for expressing what is important for you. Please, read the following detailed description, in which you could find information regarding registration, get inspired to find a topic, and gain information on abstract submission and its review process.
Please, send your submission to the following e-mail address: rubovszky.gyorgy.zsolt@gmail.com


About choosing the title

Suggested topics

Genres of the Congress

Target Audience

Deadline, Details

Professional Committee

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