Congress Venue Announcement or We Move Ergo Sum

Frissítve: 2019. ápr 1.

Found. Checked. Loved. Left. Had a thought about it. Got back. Were tossing and turning. Got to decide it. And here we announce it (surely having butterflies). So that you love our choice we are referring to a whole bunch. Mostly to Moreno, Alberto Eiquer and obviously to practicality.

Moreno says psychodrama needs to be in real life. Because psychodrama enjoys being in a place where people are connecting. We would never argue with the master so we thought we should find a congress venue for the 30th Jubilee of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association with full of life. A piece of real life instead of a lifeless congress centre. Marching into life instead of getting away from everyday life. So we were to find a place which has its own life, where day by day people meet and connect. With other people and with themselves. Where stories are made, where you touch the fabric of life. The place which suits us and where we can easily belong to.

(here you can touch the fabric of life)

According to French psychoanalyst Alberto Eiquer moving is like shedding. As our home is like a symbolic skin which protects us but needs to be left behind at times of our lives. It either became too small or too big but it is no longer able to keep up with the change we have made. “Animals shed skin, people move.” - he says. True to our congress theme we also move. Our jubilee meetup venue is a new home to us (like a new skin), which has quite a lot of lovely social space apart from the workshop meeting rooms. Space to meet, to get to know each other, to share experiences, to dine and drink and enjoy ourselves. To live our fabric of life and to weave it on.

(space for being together)

Besides searching for a place which Moreno and Alberto would love, practicality did also count. We meant to find a venue which has a number of rooms for workshop, also a large meeting room, with a fee fitting our budget and available for Friday.

(a big enough room)

So finally we have found the perfect venue! Here we announce that the Jubilee Congress of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association will be held in Durer Kert, on 29 November - 1 December.

Details about the venue will come in our next post. Our ideas, thinking behind and work in progress will be shared with you. If you are into designing, decorating, setting-up a venue you are more than welcome in our venue-set-up team whose task is to conquer Durer and psychodramatize it :) Apply here:

(Translated by Gabriella Bathó)


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