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Fabric of Life30 congress organisers are off and rolling!

Welcome to the Fabric of Life30, the team organising the jubilee congress of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association!

We are organizing a congress where we do hope that all participants will have the opportunity to meet the alternately lightsome and fabulous, alternately fateful and penetrating methods of the psychodrama, always showing us what lies deep within in our hearts.

At the same time we would like us to meet and get to know each other as well, and have those all-important encounters between senior, junior and beginner dramatists, and also those who arrive as curious laymen or professionals from related fields.

For us, Life of Fabric means that psychodrama is all about life’s substance and purpose, and that every human feeling, thought, experience and situation can be embedded in the great and living tissue of our method.

Psychodrama provides an opportunity to meet in depth and at the same time in an active way with the important experiences, questions and challenges of our lives. Our actions, insights and experiments that can come alive on the dramatic stage and are born in a judgement-free community, may help us to move towards new directions.

Our team is made up of dedicated psychodramatists. During our training, we could feel the healing, liberating and joyful effects of the dramatic work on our own skins and in our own hearts, and as practitioners of this wonderful method we would like to share our insights and experiences with as many people as possible.

Come and join us on the 30th Birthday of the Hungarian Psychodrama Association! Whether you are a perfomer or an interested participant, you are welcome to weave your life into our common Fabric of Life.

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