The complex beauty of Central Eastern Europe, or why do we enjoy being psychodramatists in Hungary?

Frissítve: 2019. máj 22.

Being a psychodramatist in Hungary, Central Eastern Europe not only means facing lives of individuals but also our massive common (hi)story. Each drama of our protagonists is like a thread in our fabric made by the loom of our past, forming our common future. Remembering could be tough and brings a hard job while also gives opportunity to deepen and broaden our understanding of human existence. What can our experienced professional group of psychodramatists here in Central Eastern Europe step into?

As the motto of Hourglass, Danilo Kis Serbian writer’s novel reads “Thanks to suffering and madness, I have had a finer, richer life than any of you”. The novel pays tribute to the Hungarian-Jewish writer’s father who went missing in Auschwitz, showing how we can experience the beauty and complexness of human existence through tragic events of history.

Being a Central Eastern European is hard but truly inspiring. We have not been given the unbearable lightness of pastlessness, there is no tabula rasa or shadowless, rootless existence. Both our inner and outer maps go through front lines, seeing monuments which have been destroyed then smelted, rebuilt and flowered or facing unexpected road closures.

Living communities got torn apart by the Berlin Wall but spontaneity and creativity of the inhabitants made the grey concrete walls the world’s most famous community art place. Remains of the wall today are both the symbol of suffering and renewed vim which go hand in hand in this historic place.

Our task is to transform these burdens and blessings, the stories which have left our body and soul touched. All of us who belong to this intellectual community full of life believe to be sharing a unique moment in history. A moment which gives us chance to face the shadows of the past and leave new perspective to our followers.

If we do a good job, we can have more effect than you would think.

Those who feel stuck in fear or choose to be blind to the current intellectual deadlock can get immunized by our work. Our focus is not on watching reality shows but on our grandparents’ real stories on the bullet marked walls of our houses.

Psychodrama is a royal approach to looking at what we have had and create something new. Our initiative aims to be a pilot to giving brand new answers to today’s challenges with a traditional method. We do believe that the way we perceive existence, suffering and joy will give a unique colour to those life stories of the world’s far away from Central Eastern Europe. Different colours and tastes, pasts and futures we may have but looking forward to putting together our stories at the Psychodrama Congress in November!

Translated by Gabriella Bathó

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